Trendy Layering Necklaces & Other Summer Picks for 2023

Give Your Summer an Awesome Kickstart With These Pieces!

Apr 8, 2023 - 12:06
Apr 10, 2023 - 15:00
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Trendy Layering Necklaces & Other Summer Picks for 2023
Give Your Summer an Awesome Kickstart With These Pieces!

The playful summer breeze will soon hit us with boho & chic clothing. So it is time to say hola to Trendy Layering Necklaces and adiós to big blingy chokers and warm winter clothing!

Don’t you just love the smell of bloomed flowers and lemonade?! We know, we do. Everything about summer is as exciting as laying on the beach and getting your tan on. So why not pay special attention to your jewelry collection for the season?!

We are here with all the trendy jewelry pieces that have “summer” written all over them. So without any further ado, let's take a look at all the Trendy Layering Necklaces for this summer season. ;) 

Trendy Layering Necklaces & Other Summer Picks for 2023

We all have spent the last couple of years constantly afraid of the virus that shall not be named. Our drawers were filled with masks, sanitizers, and disinfectant wipes. So now, it’s time to fill them with beautiful jewelry that gives us hope to change our lives and look forward! 

When we hear the word “summer,” our minds immediately think of cold lemonade, warm sand, and flowy dresses. Apart from these, – we also think of all the light-weight jewelry and hair accessories in our closets, waiting to see the sun.

So to justify the feeling that summer gives us, we have picked beautiful, chic, and trendy pieces to go with your floral, flowy dresses, crop tops, and hats.

14K Gold Paper Clip Custom Name Necklace

This chic Paperclip Name Necklace is meant to be worn by someone like you! The paperclip design of this necklace gives it an unparalleled summery-edgy vibe. The moment you put it on, the paperclip name necklace will become a staple in all your summer looks. 

This customizable necklace makes the perfect little birthday, anniversary, or even Valentine’s gift for your loved ones. Its unisex design makes it an excellent choice for all genders. The highly-polished finish of this solid gold necklace is just to die for. What more do you need to hear to add it to your cart?!

14K Gold Custom Diamond Cursive Name Necklace

This stunning Gold Necklace Cursive Name is the perfect gift for any occasion! This stunner is the ideal light-breezy, golden, and blingy piece to pair with all your outfits. This piece can be rocked with a simple pair of jeans or a low-cut cocktail dress.

This blingy necklace is studded with Round Brilliant diamonds from its chain to its pendant. This necklace's customizable pendant makes it unique and personal to the wearer. The cursive finish of the pendant shape is the perfect representation of summer for us. So get ready to let loose with this beautiful pick for the season!

14K Gold Layered Necklace

The gorgeous Y drop of this layered necklace can enhance any outfit. Wear it with a low-cut dress or a deep-neck plain white shirt; this necklace will still steal the spotlight! This stunner will be an excellent gift for yourself. 

This beauty comes in yellow, white, and rose gold metals. The necklace comes in 14k Gold purity, with a chain length of 17 inches. So add this one to your cart immediately before you miss your shot!


Summer jewelry will beautify your social media feed soon. So why wait until the season ends to show some love to yourself? Building up your jewelry collection for any season is hard, but summer is especially confusing to shop for! 

So without wasting any time, get out your card – and buy yourself something pretty to go with that summer dress you are dying to wear!

Let us know what you think about this blog in the comments below. Which one of our picks did you love the most?

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